Portal – Architecture Terminal Project

Portal is affordable homes for Seniors and Homeless Families.

Professor Dave Otte and Renee Strand from Holst Architects Syllabus:

In this studio, students will research, analyze, and design housing and supportive services for a full-block site in North Portland.

The winter term focus on site analysis, programming, and concept design, culminating in a complete feasibility study by each student.

The spring term will involve Schematic Design and aspects of Design Development.

The design was develop incorporating principles of Trauma Informed Design and DeafSpace.  Seniors lose their hearing as they age so applying DeafSpace principles seemed appropriate for this group.  Homeless families go through a lot and that creates trauma.  Creating spaces that incorporate Trauma Informed Design principles has proven at Portland Homeless Family Solutions, to be the right approach to support their healing process.  The goal of Portal is for the Seniors to help the families’ children by tutoring, teach them how to cook, gardening, physical activity, etc.  In addition to housing, I have incorporated a Food Truck area.  The food truck is to provide an affordable option to dine out in a safe environment.  The Overlook neighborhood, where this project is located, is currently a food desert.  This can be the beginning to bring more food options to the area.