Ray – Seattle

Ray is about light.

Lighting became the most important aspect of Ray.  The goal was to use the lighting to, not just provide general illumination, but emphasized important nodes in the project.

AMY’S ROLE: As Director of Interior Design Amy managed investors presentations at all stages of design.  Worked as a liaison between the architect, interior designer, branding, marketing, leasing, and development manager to develop the program and branding.  Managed the signage program. Ensured projects were on time and budget. Reviewed drawings for completeness.  Reviewed all interior design RFI and Submittals.  Attends all OAC meetings and do weekly walk-through during construction.  Manages the FFE procurement and installation process.  As designer, Amy designed the lighting layout and worked closely to develop the signage design.

— Mack Urban, LLC
— Carlyle Group

— Baylis Architects
— Object & Space Interior Design
— Arroyo Interior Design LLC

— Exxel Pacific

— Start: Q1 2014
— Completion: Q1 2015

— 137 residential units
— 4,000 sf retail
— Community amenity rooms