K-12 Music School – Studio Fall 2020

Learning a musical instrument as a child is proving to be extremenly beneficial to our brains based on research in Neuroscience.  This is the reason the curriculum of this new K-5 school is music driven, and, the guitar is the inspiration for the architecture form and interior feel.  A ramp connects all classroom floors, second to fifth, separating street level for security, since on this level the school shares a 175 seat auditorium with the community and administration offices are located.  The school has combined classrooms K-1, 2-3 grades, and 4-5 grades between 2nd and 4th floors; additionally, on second floor, one has a bird-eye view inside the auditorium and various offices; on third floor you will find, a library with technology room and a quiet room, and a recoding music studio; fourth floor has an outdoor garden facing south west and gymnasium; fifth floor is where the wellness center and culinary kitchen are located.  Balconies are sprinkled throughout the various facades to encourage movement around the building.