Eleanor – Seattle

Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor broke the mold of what a First Lady can be.  She is an inspiration to many women.  Her elegance was simple, and her persona was confident.  This building was designed to inspire that simple elegance.  The colors are vibrant warm hues.  The lighting was designed to support the quiet in us to instigate seating and reading a book. The allocation of the various amenities was based on how the team envision the user experience and connection to the neighborhood.  The bike room and gym are all accessible from the street to encourage mobility.

AMY’S ROLE: As Director of Interior Design Amy managed investors presentations at all stages of design.  Worked as a liaison between the architect, interior designer, branding, marketing, leasing, and development manager to develop the program and branding.  Managed the signage program. Ensured projects were on time and budget. Reviewed drawings for completeness.  Reviewed all interior design RFI and Submittals.  Attends all OAC meetings and do weekly walk-through during construction.  Manages the FFE procurement and installation process.

— Mack Urban, LLC
— Pritzker Real Estate Group

— Runberg Architecture
— Mercedes Fernandez Interior Design

— Compass Construction

— Start: Q3 2014
— Completion: Q2 2016

— 260 residential units