About Design

Timeless Design = Details + Function

Like a mathematical equation, design is to be resolved from the inside-out.

My approach to design is as follows:

  1. Understand the budget and project time frame.  The core of every project = Budget + Time.
  2. Listen to the clients request and establish the project scope.  This is the function.
  3. Create an overall design concept for the client to approve direction: usually using just images. Exploring solutions.
  4. Once the design direction is established, I begin the design by looking at the best solutions on constructability (details), function, and budget.  There is a right solution for every budget.  There is the right detail for every solution.

Trends are great if they are functional. In math a function is a process or a relation that associates each element; therefore form follows function; there has to be a function to have form.

Functional Solution + Thoughtful Details = Timeless Design.